Water availibility vs water quality

Polar bears are in danger of extinction as well as many other species.

Water availibility vs water quality

The situation is getting worse rather than getting better. The pressures of over-population, climate change and increased use per capita are all causing water stresses, although unevenly, throughout the globe.

Deforestation And Water Quality Are Inextricably Linked

The threat has been recognized and throughout the globe and governments, corporations and activists groups are bringing the problem to the forefront and helping to craft and influence both short and long term solutions.

Since this section was first created inthe editors have screened tens of thousands of articles and posted almost 1, stories, commentaries and reports. Water — quality and quantity is continuing to be a Hot Topic for AC readers.

As many pundits are saying… water is becoming the new carbon. Access to water is further restricted by national and governmental entities that regulate where the water flows, who has access and for what purpose the water is used.

Water availability is also related to a range of issues intimately connected to water, from health and food security to economic development, land use, and the preservation of the natural ecosystems on which the water resources depend.

Water quality is declining in most regions of the Earth. Regional over- population, increased industrialization, absence of proper waste water treatment -- are all contributing to the emerging crisis.

Poor water quality is a key cause of poor livelihood and health. Water in the USA is critical to the health of agriculture and related industries.

Water availibility vs water quality

The Editors of Accountability Central work to bring the many facets of Water issues -- especially quality and quantity -- into focus with news, commentary and research. Education on the issues, public discussion and rising concern can help to bring about real and positive changes and sensible and fair solutions to the problems at hand.

Perhaps this public forum can help in some small way. Select Content Highlights November 13, Would flooding the deserts help stop global warming? Across the country, schools and communities recognize today as a time to encourage the scientific and technological curiosity of students and soon-to-be professionals November 2, World Water Week to focus on more nature-based solutions Source: Poor water management and stressed ecosystems cause poverty and violent November 1, Commentary: Statesman Austin was thrust into the national spotlight as the city issued its first ever boil water notice.

A wetter-than-usual Central Texas autumn caused flood waters to build up—notably, Lake Travis rose over 20 feet in 24 hours—and October 30, Plastic waste elimination pledge by attracts more big firms Source: NPR After years of insisting that it wasn't economically feasible, the world's biggest hog producer has bowed to public pressure and agreed to change the way it handles manure on more than 1, farms it controls in the U.

October 30, Venice hit by high tide as Italy buffeted by winds; 6 killed Source: AOL MILAN — Venice was inundated by an exceptional high tide Monday, putting three-quarters of the famed Italian lagoon city under water as large swathes of the rest of Italy experienced flooding and heavy winds that toppled trees In our 6-part series, we will take a closer look at biodiversity, water, deforestation, pollution and October 26, Local businesses trying to stay afloat amid water crisis Source: NewsDeeply Small programs can go a long way to save water and help farmers survive the coming shortages on the Colorado River.

These should be the next focus for policymakers now wrestling with drought contingency plans. Displaying results 1 to 10 out of Global Drinking Water Quality Index Authorship The main authors of this report are Carrie Rickwood and Geneviève M.

Carr. The figures and diagrams were created by . I working 12 hour work days which is fine but some days I don't eat, go to the washroom or even have a drink of water. We as pharmacists advocate healthy lifestyles, but don't always live by it.

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Water availibility vs water quality

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How will global warming affect polar bears?