The importance of listening to a parents advise

The students we're educating in U. Consider that 31 percent of all families are now single-parent families. Infathers accounted for 1 percent of single parents.

The importance of listening to a parents advise

Being a teen you want to try and make your own choices because you think you know it all. My dad was trying to give me some advice one day but I wanted to do things on my own. I wanted to quit my job and get a new one because the job I had I did not like at all. He told me to keep the job until I found a new one but I did not listen.

The next day I put in my two weeks notice. After the two weeks I was unemployed and could not manage to get a new job because of the economy. I regret not listening to what my dad had to say to me.

Another time I did not listen to my dad was when I was going dirt biking with all my friends. I had been riding my dirt bike the day before I was going to the track with everyone. My dad told me that I should take a drive up to the Honda dealer ship to get some spare spark plugs.

I told him I did not need to because I had just replaced my spark plug. He told me I better not foul that plug or I would be out of luck.

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The next day I was at the track and about half way threw the day my bike died. I pulled the plug and sure enough it was fouled. Luckily the track had a little store and they had spark plugs there unfortunately they did not have the spark plug for my bike.

I could not ride for the rest of the day and I was very disappointed. I have decided that I should always listen to what they have to say before I make my own decision.

I have made some mistakes and those mistakes could have been avoided if I would just take my parents advice. I think you should always listen to your parents until you are out in the real world, this I believe. Donate If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc.

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How to (Really) Listen to Parents - Educational Leadership

Frequently asked questions about the This I Believe project, educational opportunities and more"THE BOOK OF PROVERBS" Listen To Your Parents () INTRODUCTION 1. We saw that the beginning THE WISDOM OF LISTENING TO YOUR PARENTS A. THEIR KNOWLEDGE 1. Your parents know you better than anyone a.

It would be folly for a private to not listen to his sergeant -- Children with parents are blessed to have advice . Why Is It Important To Listen To Your Child?

The importance of listening to a parents advise

0. Family Basics, Positive Parenting. How Can I As A Parent Improve My Listening Skills? And that is why, it is important to develop listening skills in yourself first, before getting your child to .

Listening is in fact invaluable in schools in all sorts of ways and at many levels of responsibility – for teachers, school leaders, students themselves and parents. This is the first of a series of articles from Peter Hudson focusing on listening in schools.

Nov 17,  · You should always listen to your parents' advice. Whether to follow it or not, is a whole other question. Whether to follow it or not, is a whole other question. It is said that a good king always listens to the whole .

Why Should We Listen to Old People? A Very Good Question. By Karl A. Pillemer, Listening to the advice of older people has promoted well . Oct 10,  · Yes, Parents' advice is important, but your opinion is the most important because it's your life, you are living it.

Even if you ever fail with your decisions, you won't regret it as you have only learnt something from your experience.

Don’t Ignore Parent's Advice