The elective cesarean delivery

Types and Indications of Cesarean Sections Cesarean sections are classified according to the technique and incision used in the procedure. A midline vertical incision on the abdomen and the uterus is made to deliver the baby. Owing to a large number of complications associated with the technique, it is hardly practiced any longer. It is the most commonly preferred method wherein a horizontal or transverse incision is made on the lower part of the abdomen to deliver the baby.

The elective cesarean delivery

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At the time, my son was about to turn two, and I had had SO MANY conversations with friends and family member who have given birth about the different ways birth is framed. I had read hundreds of comments on this website about how people felt about the way birth is discussed, and I had read countless websites that either celebrated the idea of natural birth or were filled with sorrowful tales of regret about NOT achieving a natural birth.

He was born two months early, a peaceful and unmedicated water birth was impossible, he spent a month in the NICU, and so on. It took me a while to bend my head around the way things so dramatically and unpredictably changed, but at the end of the day I was still at peace with his birth because he was born.

At the point that the post was written, I had been working at Offbeat Families then Mama for nearly a year. I was infinitely more immersed and connected with the community here then when I started, and had found an amazing community of parents in my offline life.

The elective cesarean delivery

So many of our conversations were about this idea of a "natural" vs "unnatural birth" and one night it just hit me: It became important to Ariel and I that Offbeat Families be as inclusive as it can be, and one way we could do that was by changing the way we speak about birth.From the blog New Report: Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing.

New Report: Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing The country's maternity care system is missing opportunities to provide better care and use resources more wisely by routinely intervening in labor and delivery in ways that interfere with, instead of promoting, supporting and protecting, .

ABSTRACT: Cesarean delivery on maternal request is defined as a primary prelabor cesarean delivery on maternal request in the absence of any maternal or fetal indications. Potential risks of cesarean delivery on maternal request include a longer maternal hospital stay, an increased risk of respiratory problems for the infant, and greater complications in subsequent pregnancies, including uterine .

The Last Week of Pregnancy Counts Unless it is medically necessary for your health or the health of your baby, guidelines developed by doctors and researchers say it’s best to wait until the 39th completed week of pregnancy to deliver your .

QUICK TAKE Cesarean or Vaginal Delivery for Twins Because of assisted reproductive technologies, twin pregnancy occurs more frequently now than in the past, and it complicates 2 to 3% of.

Cesarean sections are classified according to the technique and incision used in the procedure. Classical Cesarean Section: A midline vertical incision on the abdomen and the uterus is made to. Mar 02,  · Most women prefer to plan for a vaginal birth. 11 However, if a woman without an accepted medical indication requests delivery by elective cesarean section and, after a thorough discussion about the risks and benefits, continues to perceive that the benefits to her and her child of a planned elective cesarean outweigh the risks, then most likely the overall health and welfare of the .

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