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State paper classifieds

Employment application INI strives to attract team members who are enthused about our mission, who share our values, and who want to be judged by the quality of their work and their contribution to the company's success, without State paper classifieds to their race, color, gender or other extraneous factors.

INIers uphold the highest ethical standards, treat every other individual with courtesy, and are team players, team-builders and consensus-seekers. We strive for leadership, not for supervision. People in leadership positions challenge and coach their associates.

State paper classifieds

They are expected to help each of us become all we can be and to help the company become all it can be. Our leaders make direction-changing decisions, but consult and seek consensus to the fullest practical extent. They try to share the leadership with everyone who has shown he or she has something to contribute [ Back to Top ] Our Vision and Values Contribution: By fulfilling our mission and living our values, we will elevate the level of citizenship in our communities.

Excellence: We will excel because our people share our values and are committed to achieving excellence for themselves and for the organization. Vitality: We will maintain our basic values and purposes, while continuously changing everything else to meet changing needs.

Stability: We will manage conservatively to ensure the company's continuity and preserve its independence.

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Growth: We will expand when our existing operations are sound and when the expansion makes sense for us and for the communities we serve.

Mission: We provide community websites and purposeful newspapers that encourage and support meaningful community involvement, so citizens can make sensible decisions about public issues. Service: We operate each of our websites and newspapers as a public trust, in the public interest.

We believe that our dedication to conscientious journalism and free speech with civility is the best way we can help each of our communities become a better place to live and work. Ethics: We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all of our dealings.

We attempt to treat every individual inside the company and outside with courtesy and respect. Strength: While our mission is our driving force, we recognize that we must earn sufficient profits to ensure the company's continuity, independence and growth.

Army service during World War II, Jack Smyth made the decision that he wanted a more meaningful career than working in the family jewelry store in Renovo, a poor railroad town in the Bucktail Mountains in north central Pennsylvania.

Although he had no training or experience in the field, he decided that he would become a journalist after the war, due to his belief that newspapers played such an important role in a free society.

After his discharge from the Army, Jack purchased his hometown newspaper, the four-page Renovo Record.

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He learned the business by doing it. He envisioned a five-day daily newspaper serving the state capital, which was launched on Sept. InJack began having health problems and moved to Arizona.

He sold the Delaware State News to his four children including Joe, who was then the year-old managing editor. Jack Smyth passed away in at the age of Joe Smyth bought his siblings' stock in the early s and changed the corporate name to Independent Newspapers, Inc.

The name was changed to Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA in Joe wanted to ensure that the company would remain independent and dedicated to the practice of journalism as a public trust, with a commitment to citizen participation, free speech and independent journalism.

The company now publishes community newspapers and other print and digital publications in Arizona, Delaware, Florida, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Its web offset printing plants in Arizona and Delaware also provide printing and related services to scores of other publishers in the Southwest and Mid Atlantic.

INI is a normal for-profit company that pays taxes the same as any other for-profit.Idaho Statesman Classifieds.

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Jul 18,  · The State News is Michigan State University's Independent Voice - where you can find East Lansing's community news, MSU campus news, .

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