Speech outline depression

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Speech outline depression

Proper health care of postpartum women is a growing problem in the United States. All women of childbearing age are at a naturally higher risk of suffering from any form of depression, including PPD. PPD knows no boundaries; women of all races and social classes are at risk of suffering from PPD after the birth of a child.

Card 4, 5, 37 b. Most researchers and professionals consider the actual numbers to be greater than known, since most women are too ashamed to Speech outline depression what they are feeling. Causes of PPD are hormone changes, stresses involved in the care of a new baby, and the trauma of childbirth in itself.

Card 10, 18, 27, 29,68 d. Symptoms of PPD are more severe and persistent than "baby blues" symptoms. Most of us have heard the sad story of Andrea Yates. Yates was convicted of killing her five children by drowning them in their bathtub.

Yates was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis PPSand yet held accountable for her actions. I suffered with postpartum depression after the births of both of my daughters.

Speech outline depression

My physician, as in most cases, never asked me how I was feeling emotionally; for instance, he never asked if I was feeling overwhelmed by sadness. I soon realized that the experts are right when they say that depression affects all aspects of life and the lives of those around a suffering mother.

My children and husband suffered along with me, since I was unable to care for them fully and unable to give them the attention they all needed.

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I had a very difficult time recovering, since I had no treatment or help. In recent years, no attempts have been made to solve this growing problem. One problem with our approach to childbirth is the lack of preparing women for what they will encounter.

According to an article in Psychology Today, women would benefit from more education during their childbirth classes. These classes offer instruction on how to breath properly during labor and what to bring with them to the hospital for their stay. The current policy in the United States is to send women home within a day or two of delivering a baby.

Can a woman really heal in a day or two? Only a few years ago, women were required to stay a minimum of four days, and just years before that they were required to stay a week. Insurance companies enforce these guidelines as a way to save money.

One misconception is that a suffering mother will get better if just left alone and given time; however, just the opposite is true, women left to just suffer it out often get worse. Another incorrect assumption is that a woman who has harsh feelings after the birth of her child is rejecting of her feminine role.

Many things should be considered when assessing who is at risk for PPD. Marital problems, difficult life-changing events, and a lack of social or economical support are also factors which can determine if a woman will suffer from PPD. The older a woman is when she has children, the more set in her ways she is and thus can have a harder time adjusting to the needs of a baby.

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The stresses associated to such adjusting can cause PPD. If a woman has suffered from PMS related depression her risk increases. If a woman experiences any sort of depression during pregnancy, then her chances of suffering from PPD rise. There are several choices in treatments and many depend on the severity of the PPD.

Group therapy has also been a choice for some women. Estrogen supplements are also an option for some patients who may only be suffering from mild depression. However sometimes more extreme measures are needed.

Antidepressants are the first choice among physicians. The type of antidepressant to prescribe depends on factors such as if the mother is breastfeeding or whether or not she is taking other medications.The throbbing is usually accompanied by nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, and smells, sleep disruption, and depression (National Migraine Association – “NMA”).

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Below you will find a list of informative speech topics. New ideas are added weekly, be sure to check back to see more! OUTLINE FORMAT FOR INITIAL SPEECH GENERAL PURPOSE: To Inform the class on depression SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform the class on how to cope and live with depression CENTRAL IDEA: Today I am here to talk to you about the symptoms, treatment and how to cope with depression in your daily life.

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