Slaughterhouse five an amazing story

You might want to get acquainted with these events before you embark on the novel. The links above are a good place to start. Eventually you may want to learn more.

Slaughterhouse five an amazing story

For Vonnegut, the form for Slaughterhouse-Five grew out of events arising from his World War II experiences, particularly the horrors of the months-long Dresden air raids.

Because he views the Dresden bombing as senseless, everything Vonnegut writes describing the bombing has to feel senseless as well. Vonnegut was evolving as a novelist just when academicians were pronouncing what they termed "the death of the novel. For instance, the events in Slaughterhouse-Five are not told chronologically; an episode in the present triggers an episode in the past or into the future.

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A Duty-Dance with Death. In addition, Vonnegut includes a "telegraphic schizophrenic" narrative explaining who he is and where he has been. We are engaged in the Dresden story even before the novel begins: December Billy joins an infantry regiment fighting in Luxembourg.

After the regiment is decimated by the German army during the Battle of the Bulge, he and three others, including Roland Weary, find themselves behind German lines.

Slaughterhouse five an amazing story

Billy and Weary are captured after three days of wandering Chapter Two. December 23 After being forcibly marched into Germany, Billy and the other American prisoners are loaded into boxcars bound for eastern Germany Chapter Three.

December 25 The trainload of American prisoners begins to creep eastward after sitting idle for two days Chapter Three. Billy and his fellow prisoners are forced from the train, after which they are deloused and given overcoats Chapter Four.


January 5 They are shipped by train to a prison camp in Dresden, Germany, where they are housed in building five, previously used as a slaughterhouse Chapter Six. February 13—April 17 Dresden is destroyed by American and British bombers; according to some historians,people, including civilians and military personnel, are killed Chapter Eight.

The army honorably discharges Billy Chapter Two. On the day he returns home from the hospital, Billy goes to New York City, hoping to appear on television to discuss his kidnapping by Tralfamadorians; eventually he appears on a New York City radio talk show Chapter Nine.Slaughterhouse-Five was hugely successful, brought Vonnegut an enormous audience, was a finalist for the National Book Award and a best seller, and remains four decades later as timeless and shattering a war fiction as Catch, with which it stands as the two signal novels of their riotous and furious decade.

Jun 05,  · The protagonist of SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE, Billy Pilgrim, is unanchored in time and jumps around to different points in his own life. This happens often and is beyond his control.5/5. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Slaughterhouse-Five Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

Slaughterhouse-Five [Kurt Vonnegut] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Billy Pilgrim is the son of an American barber. He serves as a chaplain's assistant in World War II, is captured by the Germans/5(K).

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Slaughterhouse-Five is still being banned in schools. In , Wesley Scroggins, an assistant professor at Missouri State University, called on the Republic, MO school board to ban Vonnegut's novel. Slaughterhouse-Five and millions of other books are available for instant access.

the story absorbed me. The main character is pretty interesting: a time traveler and yet, quite a normal American.

A soldier, and optometrist and a time traveler. Amazing book! /5.

Slaughterhouse five an amazing story
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