Malayalam essay on plastics

Disadvantages of Plastic Plastic Disadvantages - Negative Effects of Plastic Today, you can hardly look around you and not spot some item that is made entirely from plastic or has some plastic ingredient. This only proves that from its inception up to now plastic has managed to become popular building material of millions of useful items, but it is not perfect.

Malayalam essay on plastics

Composition of Solid Waste: Kerala Status of Waste Management System in Kerala As per a Supreme Court of India had directive, all the local governments in India above a population strength of over ten lakh need to set up proper facilities for processing waste generated within their limits.

And Supreme Court wanted waste management facilities to be in place in such municipalities by December 31, But a majority of the municipalities in India could not successfully implement this Supreme Court directive, even as on mid - Whereas Kerala is one of the few States in the Country that took some measures to address this issue by launching an initiative called Clean Kerala Mission.

The mission was launched in Objective of the mission was to create a garbage free Kerala.

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It was given a task of capacity building within local government institutions LGIs and enabling and preparing them taking up the challenge of implementing solid waste management projects.

There were efforts to achieve this goal with the participation of NGOs, Community organizations such as Kudumbasrees across Kerala. Kudumbsrees are Self Help Groups by Women.

Kudumbasree means prosperity of family. Currently there are more than 3. It may also be viewed as these plans are not sufficient to address the issue of Waste Management in Kerala. While media and the general debates and experiments on Waste Management continue, Kerala still stinks from village to village and from city to Citiy.

Its rivers, tiny water canals and all other natural beauty, foundation of its growing tourism industry are getting affected as lack of waste management system in the State causing havoc to normal public life.

Resorting to dumping the waste generated is also a serious matter since such insanitary methods of disposal of solid wastes would cause a serious health concerns.

Part of the waste generated remains unattended and grows in the heaps at poorly maintained collection centers.

The choice of a disposal site also is more a matter of what is available than what is suitable. In several places locals are up in arm against prevalent practice of dumping and landfill Contractors who transport garbage to dump in the interior village dumping sites or near forests or water bodies often face severe resistance from locals and environmental activists With respect to Kerala, barring few exceptional cases such as Calicut or Thiruvananthapuram corporations and in certain municipal areas, there is a lack of proper Waste Management system in place.

Following are some cases where there are some systems are already in place: Paravur town in central Kerala: A vermicomposting unit was set up with the help of an NGO, which colour codes seven tonne of the town's daily waste each day, to segregate it to plastic and bio-degradable matter.

Kozhikode city declared India's first litter-free city in Uniformed women doubling up as auto-drivers and as household litter-pick up girls, handle over tonne of city's solid waste. And citizens pay Rs 30 per month per household. Open Dumping and Land fill approach is not the lasting solution Open dumping has been found to create environmental problems because of air pollution, bad smell, presence of insects and rodents which are injurious to health, and potential contamination of ground water.

A quick recap is essential to understand Kochi's desperation. The fast-growing city, withpeople plus a floating population of , generates around tonnes of municipal solid waste each day. But the city had never had effective garbage treatment facilities. This is the case with the most of the municipalities in Kerala.

Lack of proper waste treatment facilities, the solution for them was dumping them in any available locations. Private Participation in Waste Management: Private sector participation is one of the best choices open to boost the performance of public services like solid waste management. It has following advantages: Very less risk of commercial failure and halting of this essential service provision unlike in initiatives managed by cooperatives or community organizations Efficiency: Higher level of efficiency and accountability Access to technology and expertise Focus on customer satisfaction Low cost of service because of competition.

Access to finances for new investments For the private sector it is an opportunity to take part in a responsible economic activity. By being part of waste management business, private sector is fulfilling its social responsibility, in addition to be part of a sustainable business venture.

It is also to be noted that waste management industry is being viewed as an ever green sector.

Malayalam essay on plastics

Boom or downturns in the economy, this sector will always have business to do. In addition, with the right technology, investment and professional management practices, a new avenue for employment generation would also be opened up. Technology and potential Waste to Energy According to Planning Commission, there is a potential of 2, MW of power generation from urban and industrial waste in the country.

The eleventh five year plan in fact targets MW of power generation from wastes. Scrap Recycling business Scrap recycling and processing is yet another element of waste management.Student essay writers world ente amma malayalam essay on deforestation moralische schuld beispiel essay essay on impact of plastic on environment essay on importance of etiquettes anciennes.

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Malayalam essay on plastics

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The amount of oil needed to produce a years worth of plastic packaging could fuel , cars for a year. Every plastic bag cost cents to produce and cost 17 cents to clean up. Each year one million sea birds and one hundred thousand marine mammels die from ingestion of or entanglement in plastic.

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The Effects Of Plastic Waste Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. We live in the age of plastics; bright, attractive, colorful, long-lasting, relatively. Even though plastic products have undeniable positive effect on our lives and industry, it still has several disadvantages. Those disadvantages can range from lack of durability in certain uses, chemical risks, and environmental harm to potential choking hazards. Aug 27,  · malayalam essay on plastic pollution click to continue Analytical expository different kinds of paper through reading various essay text mamy paragraphs? expository outlines: the structure of a. A natural resource is anything that people can use.

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