Lab report toothpickase

Dependent Variables The number of toothpicks broken. The reaction Procedure 1.

Lab report toothpickase

Unbroken toothpicks per group -represent reactive substrate. Broken toothpicks-represent product formation.

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Container-represents area of organism where reaction occurs. Timer Pan of ice water-represents cold environment Procedure Form groups of three.

Follow procedures below related to questions Complete a lab report by using Google Docs, inviting interested parties, and following the lab report template. All sections are required. For Question 1 1. Place toothpicks in a shallow container.

The toothpicks represent the reactive substrate in this reaction.

Lab report toothpickase

Create a table for recording your data that includes time and number of products formed toothpicks broken. Your time data should be collected every 20 seconds for a continuous period of five minutes.

Each broken toothpick product will be put back in the bowl. The timer will call out start and the recorder will tally the running total of products formed toothpicks broken at each 20 second interval until 15 data points are collected after 5 minutes.

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Graph your data and answer the related lab question. For Question 2 1. Remove the broken toothpicks products from the container and replace them so that you have wooden toothpicks once again in the bowl. Repeat steps two through five from above, except this time the enzyme will double in concentration and use two hands to break the toothpicks.

For Question 3 1. Repeat steps two through five from above as soon as the enzyme pulls their active site out of the water. For Question 4 1. Place paper clips in the container.

The paper clips represent a solvent in which the substrate toothpicks are dissolved.Lab report toothpickase. A increase in the enzyme’s strength (Trail 3) -To break two toothpicks at a time.

Dependent Variables The number of toothpicks broken.

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The reaction Procedure 1. Gather 50 toothpicks. 2. Place them in a pile on the table. -To tape the index 3. Toothpickase lab ap biology essays by October 7, essay expository global warming cause essay vehicles essay example apa style latex nature of love essays parents report style essay gun control sat essay writing books utensil set thesis and dissertation book

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Lab report toothpickase

Enzyme Foldable Macromolecule Foldable Tonicity of Cells & Solutions Foldable represent the enzyme# toothpickase.

&hen you break a toothpick# the place where the Documentos similares a Toothpickase Lab Activity. As Workshop - Questions. Cargado por. dogdg. Enzyme Lab Report Final.

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