Islam essay conclusion

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Islam essay conclusion

Islam essay conclusion

In this chapter, we have examined the origins and meteoric development of Islam - both the religion and the community. The great power of Muhammad's teachings enabled the creative but fragmented Arab tribes to unify and expand across three continents in an astoundingly brief period.

During the reigns of the first four caliphs and the century of the Umayyad Dynastygreat strides were made in annexing new territories and peoples. But the Umayyad Dynasty was based on a ruling hierarchy of Arabs, and the resentment that set the Abbasid Dynasty on a new throne in Baghdad.

During the early Abbasid period Islam reached the high point of its geographical expansion and cultural achievements, extending from Spain across three continents to east Asia. Unparalleled prosperity evolved from a combination of successful trade, industry, and agriculture.

But the Muslims were not able to maintain an integrated empire; despite a religious unity - which still exists - politically the empire broke up into smaller Muslim states.

The Muslims were especially gifted in science, literature, and philosophy. Muslim intellectual life was in large part the product of a genius for synthesizing varying cultures, and the diffusion of this knowledge was a tremendous factor in the revival of classical learning and the coming of the Renaissance in Europe.

Ironically, while the arts and learning were beginning to thrive in the West, Islamic civilization itself declined. Various reasons have been advanced for this phenomenon, including the influx of semibarbarous peoples into Islamic lands, intellectual inflexibility resulting from rigid adherence to the Koran's sacred law, and the despotic and eventually corrupt rule of such Muslim dynasties as the Ottomans in Turkey, who destroyed most progressive political and economic movements.

Islam remains a powerful force in the world today. Its believers encompass the most highly educated scholars and unscholared peasants. The Islamic community likewise is made up of leading industrialized societies as well as nations just emerging from colonialism.

The message of faith and the unity of communalism under Islam are powerful influences which will continue to play a part in world politics. Islam has begun its fifteenth century as one of the world's most influential religious and social forces.

Present-day Islam still derives great meaning from the teachings of Muhammad and the community he and his disciples constructed.

The power of the ancient message still plays a dominant role in the modern world.2. Ancient Greece 5. #atheism #christianity #greece #islam.

Ancient Greece was polytheistic and polycultural: many different communities worshipped many different gods. Various cults and movements dawned and dwindled over time. In this respect, the Roman Empire was civilized, tolerant 6 and peaceful (as much as was possible, given how many problems with Human governance had not yet been .

SOUL IN ISLAMIC PHILOSOPHY. The discussion of the human soul, its existence, nature, ultimate objective and eternity, occupies a highly important position in Islamic philosophy and forms its main focus.

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