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How far is it possible to

Scott Gorzynski Is it possible to establish the causes of the collapse of the Old Kingdom? How far is it justified to speak of it as a collapse?

There is still an ongoing debate among Egyptologists today about the precise way in which the Old Kingdom drew to a close, and was followed by the First Intermediate Period. There are important factors which must be considered when looking at this argument.

For example, what evidence is there for the supposed collapse? From this evidence, what can we discover about the causes? And perhaps most crucially of all, was there a collapse, or perhaps was it not as bad as is made out? There are many different interpretations that will be discussed in this essay, largely from modern Egyptologists.

There is a considerable amount of evidence in existence for a possible collapse of the Old Kingdom, coming from sources such as papyri, tomb inscriptions, and various other preserved examples of writing discovered by archaeologists.

From these sources, and brought to light by more modern Egyptologists, one of the main ideas that seems to be widely supported is the notion that provinces became more powerful and as a result, the king and other royalty less so.

With the idea of there no longer being unity amongst the people of Egypt, an image is given of there being no control, and certainly not of any singular king.


Another brief example of this is the general H3gj as documented from research at Abydos, who is depicted as a figure of rising importance, yet also as not being in a position of royalty.

When the site of Memphis, which throughout the Old Kingdom had been the power base of the country, was no longer in such a position any longer as indeed it was not at the demise of the Old Kingdomthen it is a true mark that Egypt was no longer united.

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The sites of Heracleopolis and Thebes take over as new, and notably separate areas of power in the First Intermediate Period, where two separate rulers representing north and south reigned. So it is possible to establish some causes of a possible collapse, from the given sources.

How far is it possible to

So how did the Old Kingdom end? But this happens to coincide with the fact that tombs and other circumstances where art and architecture might be used were becoming far more widespread across Middle, Lower and Upper Egypt.

This links back to the earlier points about people other than royalty attaining powerful positions, because the same people were also obtaining more elaborate burials, and with those burials came more elaborate art.

This means that although the art may be of less significance on its own, there was more of it around, and evidence demonstrates that lower classes of people were becoming exposed to more complex art than they had been before. Of course, this idea will differ depending on individual perspective, and this is one of the reasons why it is still such a major topic of debate amongst Egyptologists today.

This gives lead to the idea that perhaps scholars only think of the Old Kingdom ending this way due to the fact that not enough evidence has yet been discovered to significantly prove otherwise.

These excavations are in fairly recent history, and if more sites exist like Ehnasya el-Medina, but lie undiscovered by modern Egyptologists, then they could be lacking crucial information.

This fits in with the idea that political structures had broken down between periods. Both perspectives are linked; there is far less knowledge of what occurred during this time, and a large source of evidence comes from surviving Middle Kingdom literature showing the cultural and social changes of the period.

However, the reliability of these texts does need to be questioned, as the situation could have been far less extreme than is often quoted. An example of this is the tomb of Ankhtyfy at Moalla. There is a direct contrast between some aspects of this site and the possible events that took place during the early First Intermediate Period, and this lies inside the tomb itself.

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