Free notary business plan

Strategic Analysis with current research! The Company was founded by John Doe.

Free notary business plan

I promise to use it only to send you The Successful Notary. Notary Marketing Strategies Notary marketing is where the rubber hits the road. You MUST have a plan I can hear you now Good question but remember you ARE different.

Every notary has a different educational background, different ethic background, different work background.

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Use this in your notary marketing. What have you done in your life that is different from most? Can you use that difference to set you apart? Then can you communicate that difference to your potential clients? These are the questions we are going to ask ourselves as we go through this process together.

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What is Notary Marketing and Why? Notary Marketing is no different from any other marketing strategy. Your notary marketing plan must set you apart from others in your market.


It is really that simple. You probably already know that. The "how" is what we are going to address here. I am going to give you some advice to get you thinking of the "how" and some background information that addressed the "why.

free notary business plan

The first step is to narrow your notary market into a workable size. Authors call this "niche" marketing. It makes a lot of sense because unless you are a multi-national corporation with millions to spend on "advertising" you will be forever lost in a sea of competitors with large budgets that will keep you small Are you an expert?

You are a notary public so you have some expertise in that area. Do you keep up with changes? Do you stay ahead of the knowledge curve? Do you use the latest technologies? Are you exclusive in your geographical area? But, do you have a special skill Something that separates you from others in your area.

How efficient are you at your job? Are you faster, more convenient, eliminate hassles or save time for you clients? Can they reach you immediately or do they leave a voice mail?

Does your e-mail go to your smart phone or do you have to go home to check it several times a day. Do you have a laptop with wireless connection to the internet? Can you print from the road?

How satisfied are you clients?Get into the notary public business from the Entrepreneur list of business services business ideas. Path2College Plan Withdrawal Request Form Use this form to withdraw funds from the Plan Questions?

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According to the National Notary Association, there are million notaries working in the U.S.

free notary business plan

Depending upon state regulations.

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