For reasons unknown

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For reasons unknown

The Doctor steals the taranium core needed to fuel the destructor, and is then pursued across time and space by the Daleks. It is up to the Doctor to convince Sara of the truth of her misguided allegiance, and avoid an apocalyptic triple threat in the form of Chen, the Daleks, and the time destructor.

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By late Februaryproducer Verity Lambert and Dalek creator Terry Nation had already discussed the possibility of Nation writing another six-part Dalek story, to air in November and December and hopefully replicate the earlier adventure's success.

This special episode, featuring none of the regular cast, was commissioned on February For reasons unknown, and would eventually be known as Mission To The Unknown.

Reputedly, this came at the advice of his mother-in-law, whom Wheldon viewed as representative of the average viewer. Lambert replied on May 28th, noting that this would be possible if outgoing Doctor Who story editor Dennis Spooner could be commissioned to write the final six episodes, based on an outline by Nation.

With agreement on this point reached, Spooner and Nation were formally commissioned on July 5th and 16th, respectively. Several elements of Terry Nation's outline drew upon ideas considered for The Chase Nation's original, untitled outline differed from the finished product in numerous respects.

The setting was the year AD 1, and the Daleks had set up shop on the planet Varga.

For reasons unknown

The return of the Doctor and company to Varga happened at the start of episode ten. Several elements of Nation's outline drew upon ideas considered for The Chasethe previous Daleks serial.

One significant factor in the scripting process was the fact that part seven would air on Christmas Day.

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Because many viewers would be unable or unwilling to tune in on that day, it was decided that the installment should be a comedic interlude having little to do with the main plot.

Recalling that Z Cars writer Keith Dewhurst had turned down his offer to write for Doctor Who, incoming story editor Donald Tosh suggested that part of the storyline could be a spoof of the popular BBC crime drama.

Nation and Spooner agreed to swap assignments on parts six and seven, enabling Nation to tackle the Christmas episode. Wiles, like Tosh, was unhappy to have inherited the sprawling Dalek story, feeling it an imposition from the BBC brass that was out of line with his vision for the show.

Wiles and Tosh hoped that the new story would serve as a final melee between the Doctor and the Daleks, and that the monsters could then be retired permanently. On July 23rd, William Hartnell's contract was revised to reflect the expansion of Serial V from six to twelve episodes.

Nation had begun writing his scripts for the companion team of Vicki and Steven Taylor. Late in the summer, however, he was informed by Wiles and Tosh that Vicki was being written out of Doctor Who in the preceding serial, The Myth Makers.

Wiles and Tosh had devised a new companion, Trojan handmaiden Katarina, who would join the Doctor and Steven at the end of that adventure, but they now felt that Katarina was unsuitable as an ongoing character. Nation was asked to kill off Katarina in the fourth episode of the Dalek story, and to thereafter introduce a new protagonist who could fill the role of the girl companion at least for the remainder of the serial.

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Sara Kingdom was envisaged as a modern woman in the vein of Cathy Gale from The Avengers To this end, Nation developed Sara Kingdom, whom he envisaged as being a modern, aggressive woman in the vein of Cathy Gale, the character played by Honor Blackman in The Avengers.You’re welcome!

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For reasons unknown

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"For Reasons Unknown" is a song by American rock band The Killers and was written by lead vocalist Brandon Flowers. It is the fifth track on their second studio album Sam's Town, released in October For Reasons Unknown is a compelling police procedural marinated with a very heavy dose of character development.

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