Dian fossey life and death essay

She seemed very adventurous and fun but she was also very serious. When it came to her job she was always serious. Dian Fossey studied gorillas.

Dian fossey life and death essay


January 16, Death Date: That dedication drew her back to Africa over and over despite broken bones, failing health, and threats to her life. All and all, she spent 18 years studying the mountain gorillas and working for their survival as a species.

An unlikely chain of circumstances led Fossey to study the mountain gorilla and to her eventual demise high in the fog enshrouded mountains of eastern Africa.

Dian Fossey

Born in San Francisco on January 16,Fossey was fascinated with animals from an early age. She entered the University of California at Davis to study pre-veterinary medicine but found it difficult to master courses in chemistry and physics. Instead she completed a B. She hoped that Leakey could help her find a job studying gorillas.

Later in her life Fossey explained this change in her life course by saying that she felt extraordinarily drawn to Africa and particularly to the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and Zaire now Congo.

This interest was fueled in part by reading the work of George Schaller, who had spent doing the first comprehensive study of these animals. He mistook her for a tourist and charged a fee to view the excavation.

Despite this inauspicious beginning, Fossey clearly made an impression. Nearly six feet tall, with long black hair and a husky voice--the result of chain smoking--she must have been a startling apparition. While walking through the site, she tripped and fell, breaking her ankle and a newly excavated fossil in the process.

Her funds exhausted, Fossey returned to Louisville and to her job. In it was Leakey who sought her out. He wanted her to study the gorillas on a long-term basis and had found a patron who would support the research. Leakey was interested in studies of primates because he believed their behavior would shed light on the behavior of the early hominids whose fossilized bones he was excavating at Olduvai Gorge.

He believed that Fossey would be an ideal person to carry out the study because of her intense interest and because he thought that women were more patient and better observers than men and, therefore, made better naturalists. The gorillas that Fossey was to study inhabit a narrow strip of forest that covers the sides of several extinct volcanoes on the borders between Rwanda, Congo, and Uganda.

Much of their habitat is rain forest at an altitude of 10, feet or more. The mountain gorillas can be distinguished from other types of gorillas partly by their adaptions to the climate and altitude: Mature males stand between five and six feet when upright and far outweigh a human being of equivalent size.

After escaping from her captors, she relocated to the Rwanda side of the mountains in the Parc National des Vulcans. This would become the Karasoke Research Center where she would carry out her work for the next 17 years.Dian Fossey to me was a very mysterious, somewhat helpful and kind of troublemaking person.

She seemed very adventurous and fun but she was also very serious. When it came to her job she was always serious.4/4(1). Dian Fossey – Life and Death Essay Sample. by admin August 18, July 19, Leave a Comment on Dian Fossey – Life and Death Essay Sample.

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Dian Fossey was born in San Francisco. Her parents divorced when she was six. Her female parent. Kitty and her 2nd hubby.

Dian fossey life and death essay

contractor Richard Price. raised her. Her stepfather was a . Dian Fossey was born on January 16, in San Francisco, California. Dian loved animals her entire life, in spite of the fact that the only pets she ever had were fish.

She studied preveterinary medicine at the University of California at Davis.3/5(2). Dian Fossey was born in San Francisco.

Her parents divorced when she was six. Her mother, Kitty and her second husband, contractor Richard Price, raised her. BIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY Dian Fossey was the only child of George Fossey III, a businessman, and Kitty Fossey, a The Henrys supplied the family life she had lacked.

Still, Dian preferred to live alone with her pets. In one long section it examines the work and death of Dian Fossey. Two of Fossey's articles are Dian Fossey, "More Years .

The Fatal Obsession of Dian Fossey Rumors and questions still obscure the savage murder of world-renowned gorilla expert Dian Fossey in Rwanda last December. Her life was as strange as her death.

Dian Fossey - Essay