Dementia care co ordination

Information for people with learning disabilities, families and staff Families and people with learning disabilities often want more information about the risks of dementia. However, in the Dementia Action Alliance found that people with learning disabilities were not always even told if they had dementia.

Dementia care co ordination

Service Planning Local authorities and local health boards are required to formulate and implement a Health, Social Care and Wellbeing Strategy for their local area. These strategies cover a range of activities; from preventative action to improve health and reduce the risk of ill health, through to care services provided by the National Health Service, local authorities and the voluntary and private sector agencies.

The strategies are all based on local needs assessments carried out by Public Health Wales. The HSCWB strategies aim to provide local partnership solutions to the local priorities identified but in a national policy context.

Dementia care co ordination

The four key priority areas of their report are as follows: Improving service provision through better joint-working across health, social care, the third sector and other agencies; Improving early diagnosis and ensuring timely interventions; Improving access to information and support for people and ensuring a greater awareness of advocacy services; Improving training for those delivering care.Become a Certified Dementia Care Manager: You must attend the to CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease Dementia Care Trainer certification and seminar.

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St Stephens Court.

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St Stephens Court consists of individual units providing specialist care and support for people who have acquired brain injuries, neurological conditions, mental health needs, complex learning and physical disabilities.

We support people whose ability to lead an independent life has been tested by illness, disability or frailty. We help people who have been born with an impairment or disability which limits their movement, co-ordination, dexterity or awareness of their surroundings.

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