Baxton technology case

Public Domain Most coal mining communities are transitory due to the demands of the mining industry. However, that was not the case with Buxton, Iowaa coal mining colony with a large black population that grew in southern Iowa at the beginning of the 20th Century. Beginning in the s Ben Buxton, the President and principal stockholder of the Consolidation Coal Company and North Western Railroad of Chicago, Illinoissent agents to the southern states to recruit black laborers to work in the coal mines of Iowa following strikes by white miners. Most of those recruits settled in the town of Buxton, founded by the company in to house the new arrivals.

Baxton technology case

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Performance In relational databases, performance suffers as the number and depth of relationships increases. In graph databases like Neo4j, performance remains high even if the amount of data grows significantly.

Baxton technology case

Flexibility Neo4j is flexible, as the structure and schema of a graph model can be easily adjusted to the changes in an application. Also, you can easily upgrade the data structure without damaging existing functionality. Agility The structure of a Neo4j database is easy-to-upgrade, so the data store can evolve along with your application.

Fraud detection and analytics Businesses lose billions of dollars every year because of fraud. Despite extensive fraud prevention methods, fraudsters come up with increasingly sophisticated ways to steal money and identities. Network and database infrastructure monitoring As the complexity of your network and IT infrastructure grows, you need a more powerful configuration management database than a relational database can provide.

Baxton technology case

The Neo4j graph database allows you to connect your network, data center, and IT assets in order to get important insights into the relationships between different operations within your network.

For example, Neo4j can help you manage dependencies and monitor microservices. A good recommendation engine should correlate a lot of data and be able to quickly detect new interests shown by clients. Being focused on entities and relations between them, a Neo4j database can easily handle recommendations, significantly outperforming other relational and non-relational databases.

Social networks Social networks are about connections between people, so basically they have graph structures. Needless to say, graph databases like Neo4j are perfectly tailored to social networks. Knowledge graph As your business grows, it requires a more powerful contextual search solution.

The graph data model can improve simple keyword search and provide additional results related to keywords. Identity and access management Managing constantly changing roles, groups, and identities can be a complex task for businesses. A graph database like Neo4j allows you to monitor identity and access authorizations.

Privacy and risk compliance Neo4j facilitates personal data storage and management: The graph data model helps visualize personal data and allows for data analysis and pattern detection. Neo4j also comes in handy for financial risk reporting and compliance.

Master data management To deliver the most pleasant customer experience, businesses need to analyze lots of data.

Graph databases help to unify master data, such as information about customers, products, suppliers, and logistics.

Neo4j allows you to organize master data and model it in a graph, revealing connections and relationships. Neo4j can provide important insights so that you can make relevant business decisions. Our email targeting system will help analyze customer behavior and decide which offers to target audiences with.

Thanks to this targeting system, businesses can offer relevant products to people and, therefore, increase conversions and contribute to overall customer satisfaction since people expect to receive relevant offers. Installing Neo4j For our sample email targeting system, we only need to download and install Neo4j Server.

Installing Neo4j Server is quite simple. To access the Neo4j Browser, go to http: Then sign in with your new password to establish a connection with the database server. The Neo4j Browser has an interactive console with a number of commands: You can take a training tour and learn more about how to use the Neo4j database, check out sample graphs such as the Movie Graphand examine the state of the active database.Shop for ipod armband for kids online at Target.

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