A river by a k ramanujan

The early poets and their successors tick off the losses as mere statistics, unheeding of the destruction, suffering and human pain left in the wake of the flood.

A river by a k ramanujan

Ramanujan which remind us of hashya, vyangya and vakrokti, satire, irony and doublespeak and the oblique approach as the chief forte of the poet which he handled so deftly and excelled in too as the master artist of the genre.

Ramanujan as a poet is one of the satirico-ironical trend of writing and he loved to play with words and wits. An expatriate academician, he used to teach in the States and that too in the South Asian language and culture department dealing with the Dravidic languages and language patterns.

A poet, translator, linguist, folklorist and a critic, Ramanujan had been not only amusing and entertaining, but critical too.

A river by a k ramanujan

To criticize and comment had been his job. Just like Birbal and Gopal Bhand he tried to regale us, but not in a laughing manner, but by being ironical and critical enough. To him, poetry is in ironies, witty handlngs and intrigues.

The present poem A River is not exactly a romantic picture of the river Vaikai which flows through Madurai, the temple town, but a real picture of it when it dries duing the summer. The present poem is but a Tamil poem by a Tamilian as it recreates the ancinetness of Madurai and the classical poetry written by the Sangam literary meets and confluences dating back to centuries gone by.

But here classicism of the Tamil poets and texts is no the matter of discussion. Just by referring to Madurai, the temple town, he tells the tales of the Vaigai river, more specially during the floodtime when the water levels cross over the danger level and the villages get swept. But there is none to tell the pains caused by the excessive waters swirling, devouring and inundating.

The poet pictures the dry bridge during the dry season with the gates visible to anyone and clogged with the straw and woman hair. One can see the bridge repaired. But the patch works carried out seem to be like the sleepy crocodiles. But during the flood time water levels rise up to and the people start talking about the waters rising, taking on the bathing ghats and the cobbled steps.

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The new poets too like to visualize in such a way the older ones have gone by.The poem "A River" is written by A.K. Ramanujan. In this poem, the poet has compared and contrasted the attitudes of the old poets and those of the new poets to human sufferin g.

He has come to the conclusion that both the groups of the poets are indifferent to human sorrow and suffering. A River by A.K.

Ramanujan Essay Sample. Madurai of Tamil Nadu, South India is a holy city.

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