A personal journey to overcome my shyness

These days it seems like there is an app for everything.

A personal journey to overcome my shyness

While some people like to think out loud, I prefer to process the world internally, answer my own questions, and come to a conclusion before speaking up.

This personality trait has benefits and drawbacks. On the downside, my tendency to keep everything inside is responsible for one of my major weaknesses — shyness. Understanding Shyness Shyness is rooted in fear — an irrational fear of speaking up and being humiliated or ignored.

A personal journey to overcome my shyness

Why are some people so afraid of speaking out? In my mind the main causes are oversensitivity and insecurity. Unfortunately, shyness is an enormous detriment to success.

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Even if this only happens once or twice, people tend to exaggerate these incidents until they become mental monsters. Growing up, it took me a long time to realize how self centered people are.

A key to overcoming shyness is recognizing these perceived slights for what they are—meaningless. Is there something that may have put them in a bad mood? Are they trying to cover up their own inadequacy? Considering the perspective of the other person makes it easier to put their reaction in the proper context.

When you dwell on a bad experience, it grows into something much more frightening than reality. The more you think about a bad experience the more power you give it. Think about something constructive. The more you can fill your mind with positive memories of speaking up the easier it gets.

Everyone is insecure and afraid of embarrassment. If you have a question, chances are someone else is wondering about the same thing. By and large, people are friendly and interested in connecting with others.

In most cases, people will be thrilled that you took the initiative to break the ice. Realizing Self Worth The second cause of shyness is insecurity. To get over this you need to recognize the merit of your own thoughts and the value they present to others.

To reach your potential, you need to share yourself with the world. The best way to get accustomed to sharing is practice. Sit in the front of the room and make yourself visible. Understand that sharing your insights with people is doing them a favor.

This will build your self confidence and faith in the goodwill of others. A basketball coach once explained to me how passing can selfish. If a player has an open shot that she can make, and she decides to pass instead, that player is being selfish and hurting the team.

Other people need you.

A personal journey to overcome my shyness

They need your intelligence and insight. They need your help to work through problems. By hiding behind shyness, you limit the help you can give to your friends, family members, and colleagues.Note from Sri Sivapremanandaji: All these articles are written by our srividya sadhaks with an intention to share and inspire to each other in the journey of Self-Realization with the grace of Divine mother.

I am a woman of transsexual experience who recently was on a business trip to Atlanta. I was looking for a therapeutic massage to work on some deep tissue problems on my back, as well as to experience being cleansed of negative energy and having my chakras (centers of energy in the body) rebalanced and chose Goddess Diana to work with me.

I can tell summer is just around the corner now, because more and more people are asking me about Norway’s most famous tour: Norway in a Nutshell. I study all areas of psychology, sharing what works (and what doesn't) for overcoming shyness and social anxiety.

After curing my own severe social anxiety I created "The Shyness and Social Anxiety System" to help others. By following the steps below, you can overcome your shyness in a healthy, gradual manner.

With a little practice, you can finally live the life you’ve envisioned. Here are Five Easy to Implement Steps you can use to live your potential and step into your greatness in spite of being shy.

Twitter seems to be here to stay. As one of the most popular ways for teachers, students, and the general public to communicate, it’s becoming a must-have tool in almost every teacher’s toolbox.

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